Community Service


The Community Service Program operates five days a week (Monday through Friday) beginning at 8:30am and working approximately six hours a day. The program is closed on all legal holidays.

Where to Report

The Community Service Building is located behind the Court.

Working at Another Agency

In order to work at another agency it must be approved beforehand by Vince Sheridan, the Community Service Coordinator. If you work at another agency you are responsible for providing proof to the court before your review hearing date. You may bring the proof personally or have it sent to the court by the agency. This proof must be on the agency's letterhead, signed by the supervisor, and have the telephone number where the supervisor may be reached.

Working off Fines

After you have completed Community Service hours, you may choose to work toward your fines, getting credit for $50 per day. Court costs must be paid and cannot be worked off. Restitution cannot be worked off.

Completion of Community Service/Review Hearings:

You must begin working community service as soon as possible after Ordered by the Judge. If you have a full time job you must still work at least one day per week to complete your hours. A review hearing date will be set for each defendant. The purpose of this hearing is to determine if the defendant has complied with the Judge's orders, which includes completing community service hours and payment of restitution, fines and costs, when applicable. Contact the court before your review hearing if you think you have completed all of your community service hours and fines. If you have complied with all the requirements Ordered by the Judge, you do not have to appear for the review hearing.

Community Service Guidelines

It is strongly advised that you wear proper work boots. Open toed shoes are not permitted under any circumstances.

Proper clothing must be worn. Short sleeve shirts are permitted as long as they are in good taste. Halter tops and short cut-off pants are not permitted. During the summer months, shorts can be worn.

It is expected that you actively participate in the work and follow all directions of the work crew supervisor in charge. Failure to do so may result in zero hours credited for that day.

Do not bring valuables. This includes large sums of money. The Community Service Program is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Do not bring weapons to the job site. (This includes pocket knives, mace, or guns). Failure to adhere to this will lead to automatic dismissal from the program.

Do not possess or use any intoxicating beverages or drugs at the work site, during lunch, or prior to reporting for work. Being under the influence of any illegal drugs or alcohol while on the work crew could result in a probation violation.

Leaving the job site prior to the end of the day without permission from the work crew supervisor is not acceptable. The hours that you completed for that day will not count if you leave without permission.

Proper conduct and language are expected while working with the crew. Offensive or vulgar language and/or conduct will not be tolerated.

If you have any questions concerning the Community Service Program please contact Vince Sheridan at (740) 237-6287 or Mark Harper at (740) 442-8543.